Lauren C Custom Rainbow Bridesmaid Dresses

Different & Matching Bridesmaid Dresses

We are all different shapes, sizes, and have different skin colours and preferences, so it is reality that not every single dress style and colour will suit us.  Some of our brides therefore select dresses that match the personality of each bridesmaid, through choosing dress colours and styles that suit them the best.

Same Style, Different Colour Bridesmaid Dresses

Lauren C chose a style of dress that was suitable for any shape and size, however she wanted to cater to her bridesmaid’s colour preferences so that they were happy with their dress, and would wear it again after her wedding.  Lauren chose the same style of gown with a fitted bust, loose waist and skirt to flatter any figure, and selected a matching diamonte brooch for each dress.  She decided to have different colours, as her bridesmaids all preferred a different colour, and she was able to integrate the colours perfectly into her rainbow wedding theme.

Lauren C Custom Rainbow Bridesmaid Dresses

Dresses shown: Lauren C Custom Bridesmaid Dress in different colours.

Australian Designer Bridal and Formal offer a dressmaking service, and can custom-make almost any style and colour of dress in any size (including petite, larger sizes and maternity). Contact us today for a quote if you wish to discuss personalising your dresses for your bridesmaids.