Frequently Asked Questions

Can you create a dress from a photo or drawing?

Please note that we do not make replicas; however we do offer a Dressmaking Service.  Through our Dressmaking Service, every dress is handmade and unique to the owner, ensuring that no one will have the exact same gown as you.

Our Dressmaking Service offers the following:

  • Use your collection of images and drawings as inspiration to create a similar yet unique gown
  • Mix and match designs (bodice of one dress, skirt of another)
  • Modify an existing design to incorporate your requirements (add or remove straps, add or remove a train, alter the neckline, and various other modifications are available)
  • Sketch a brand new design
  • Have a dress designed to suit your body shape
  • Choose your size and colour
  • Made with high quality materials and workmanship
  • Priced from a low $249.99, depending on the design and complexity

If you wish to get a quote for our Dressmaking Service, please Request a FREE Quote, and send us lots of photos (close-up front and back, full-length front and back), drawings and descriptions.

For very complex gowns, you also have the option of purchasing a ‘test pattern’ where a mock-up of the gown can be created in calico, and you will receive a photo of this test pattern to confirm.  This option can be arranged at an additional cost if necessary.

What labels do you stock?

We are an Authorised Stockist for the Australian Designer Labels Inspiration By Desire, Essenna Rose Couture and Miss Kristie May (formerly Kristie Millar Australia).  If you can’t find something on our website, please Contact Us to see if we can source it for you.

I’m concerned about ordering online

We are a unique business and sell our products via FREE Personal Consultations Australia-wide, where Our Consultants can meet with you in the comfort of your own home or via Skype at a convenient time for you (including after hours and weekends).  They can discuss your choice of products with you, show you colours and materials, and answer all of your questions.  So therefore, if you do not wish to purchase online, please go ahead and Book a Personal Consultation, and you can discuss your style choices and order face-to-face with a Consultant (selected areas only for face-to-face consultations; phone/email/skype available in other areas).

Just for your piece of mind, we are also an Australian Registered Company, with an ACN/ABN and have been operating since February 2009 (with a slight pause between 2014-2021 as we worked on other projects).  We have an excellent reputation, won numerous Business Awards, and receive large volumes of positive feedback due to our high quality products and excellent service.  If you ever have any problems with your purchase, please Contact Us and we would be happy to rectify the issue as part of our Quality Guarantee.  To view examples of our quality products, and to read numerous testimonials, please visit our Client Gallery.

What if I ordered a dress and it isn’t the same as the photo?

For our existing ‘Inspiration By Desire’ and ‘Essenna Rose Couture’ stock dresses, the dress that you order will be the same as the photo unless you have requested a different colour, size, or requested for changes to be made.  If you order a custom-style, please remember that we do not create replicas, and no one can re-create a dress 100% the same except for the original designer, so there may be slight differences.  For all orders, you will receive a photo of the completed dress before it is delivered to you, so you can confirm that it is correct.  At this time, you can make minor adjustments to the gown if necessary.  The dress also undergoes many Quality Checks along the way to ensure that everything is correct.  If at any stage, the gown is considerably different to what you have ordered, we will re-make it for you at no cost to you as part of our Quality Guarantee.

Please ensure that you place your orders a minimum of 14 weeks for ‘Inspiration By Desire’ and ‘Essenna Rose Couture’ stock dresses, and a minimum of 16 weeks for custom-style dresses, to ensure that there is enough time before your event.  We recommend ordering 6-12 months in advance.

How do I know what size to order, or what if I am losing/gaining weight?

For dresses made to a standard size, please check the Measurements page and select a size that is suitable for you.  If you are between sizes, then ordering the larger size is preferred as it can easily be altered by your local alterations specialist.  For custom-sizes, we recommend that you have your measurements taken by a qualified alterations specialist.  Please ensure that you are wearing the same undergarments and shoes that you will wear on the day, to ensure the correct length.  We always recommend choosing a lace-up back which can cater to slight changes in body size between ordering and when you require the dress.  Please also note that alterations may still be required even if the dress is custom-size/made-to-measure.

If you are losing/gaining weight, we recommend ordering as close to the event date as possible.  We require a minimum of 14 weeks for ‘Inspiration By Desire’ and ‘Essenna Rose Couture’ stock dresses, and a minimum of 16 weeks for custom-style dresses, so please don’t leave ordering until the last minute as we do not offer rush orders.  We also do not offer alterations so please ensure that your measurements are as accurate as possible, and keep in mind that it is easier for your local alterations specialist to alter a dress down a size rather than up a size.  Also keep in mind the notice required by your alterations specialist so you can book in for any alterations (if needed) closer to your event date.  Choosing a dress with a lace-up back is always preferred when weight loss/gain is occurring, as it allows a little extra room for movement.

How can I place an order?

You can order by Contacting Us, Requesting a FREE Quote, or by Booking a Personal Consultation.  Your allocated Australian Designer Bridal and Formal independent Consultant can visit you face-to-face in selected areas or via Skype, show you the colours and materials, and answer any questions you have.  You can then order directly through your Consultant, who will then place the order directly with Head Office.

How can I book a Personal Consultation?

Simply complete the form on the Book a Personal Consultation page and a Consultant will contact you as soon as possible.

I’ve seen designer dresses online that are cheaper, why?

BRIDES BEWARE: If you are looking at images of designer dresses online, please ensure that you are buying them from an authorised stockist, otherwise you risk receiving a low quality copy.  No one except for the original designer/manufacturer can ever make dresses 100% the same as the designer photo as they usually have their own unique fabrics and embellishments.

If you see a designer dress being sold online for an exceptionally low price, then usually the seller is misleading you by using those images to sell low quality copies and not the original designer gown. When you factor in costs such as fabric, labour, embellishments as well as other business operational costs, it is unlikely that a fully-embellished designer wedding gown being sold for an unbelievably low price will be a quality or original product.  We often have customers contact us in a panic after buying a ‘cheap’ gown elsewhere in substandard quality so they need a new dress made, often within only a few weeks of their wedding or event.  We often cannot help these customers so they end up having to pay thousands of dollars in store when they could have come to us in the first place and saved hundreds.   The old saying is “Buy Cheap, Buy Twice”.

We have been authorised to sell Inspiration By Desire, Essenna Rose Couture and Miss Kristie May (formerly Kristie Millar Australia) Designer Labels, which means that you are obtaining a high quality designer dress for a very low price.  Please be aware of imitations and if it sounds too good to be true, then it usually is.

What is the Quality Guarantee?

We hold our products in such high regard that we are offering a Quality Guarantee on all custom-made products.  This means that if you have any issue with the product within 10 days of purchase, you are welcome to Contact Us and we will arrange to rectify the issue.  If there is a manufacturing fault, then we will pay to either re-make the product, or pay for the required alterations to fix the product.  We offer this for peace of mind for our customers, but also so we can ensure that all customers are 100% happy and will recommend us to others.  Word of Mouth is our best form of advertising and we want to continue to have happy customers.

Do I get anything if I refer a friend?

We will be commencing our official Referral Rewards Program soon, so keep an eye on our Facebook Page for the announcement.